Let us help you achieve your Green, LEED, Sustainability, and Energy Conservation Initiatives! Our products combined with our technical expertise will help you make the world a greener place.

  • Apply our products to reduce the use of water, steam, compressed air, and fuel
  • Our products and services will help you qualify for LEED credits for both new construction& existing buildings.
  • Equipment for validating and measuring performance
  • Energy Audits and Training

Contact us for assistance in your Green, LEED, Sustainability, and Energy Conservation Initiatives.

Armstrong International - a Michigan Based Supplier

Armstrong International, based in Three Rivers, MI is the worldwide leader in steam & hot water optimization. Combining Armstrong products and expertise with the proven field experience of Merlo Energy, allows us to help you increase the effectiveness of your steam system, create hot water more effciently, reduce your effect on the enviornment and save money at the same time. Most of our solutions have ROI's as low as 6 to 12 months. Training seminars for Energy Conservation and Sustainability are available. View Armstrong's Sustainability Bulletin to see how they can help you achieve your sustainability objectives.

Intellidyne LLC

Manufacturer of green, energy-saving controls for commercial and residential buildings.

Use these Intellidyne Energy Economizers to qualify for LEED credits:


LEED®(1) (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Green Building Rating System™ provides the design and performance systems you need to have an immediate, measurable impact on key concerns like energy conservation, global climate change, and occupant health.


(1) Leed is a registered Trademarket of the U.S. Green Building Council.